Monday, June 13, 2011

8 Disabled Animals That Triumphed Over Adversity

1. Faith

Born with only two back legs and one deformed front leg, faith was rescued as a puppy by a young boy. She was taught how to hop on her back legs using Peanut Butter. On numerous different shows (Oprah, Montel Williams, Animal Attractions Television and Ripley’s Believe it or Not) and has gained a whole bunch of internet attention. I mean she's awesome. She hops! She has her own website, myspace, and two books: With A Little Faith
and Faith Alone.

2. Hoopa

Hoopa pushes himself forward with only his back legs. He has a jerry rigged harness made with training wheels. Adorable right? Photo Gallery

3. Chase

A cat that due to an accident early in life lost one leg and most of the skin on her face. She has a blog and works as a therapy cat for the group Paws For Friendship for people with disabilities. Proof that no matter what you look like life just keeps coming at you; it is what you do with that day that matters.

4. Rowan

Born blind, this German Spitz uses echolocation to navigate his world. Putting those ears to good work.


Born deaf and blind, Daisy was given up by both her initial family and her first foster family. Because of this bad experience she mistrusted people. After gaining her trust, the Faresh family allowed her to explore their apartment, using only her sense of smell and touch. She has a website and is the inspiration of a children's book.

6.Kelly Anne

Chased up a tree by some dogs and accidentally electrocuted, Kelly Anne had all four legs amputated by vets. Her main limitations are that she can't scratch or groom herself but she can scoot around using her four "flippers". She doesn't use a littler box but does use wee-wee pads. The staff is waiting for a family that is up to taking care of all her special needs, though they have all ready had several requests.

7. Coal

Coal lost his leg in a battle with cancer. His owner, Reg Walk, was given the prognosis that Coal would have to be put down because he remaining legs couldn't take the weight. His owner paid through the nose to help his friend, giving him a bionic leg which gave him his life back!

8.Oscar the "Bionic Cat"

After loosing his legs in a harvester, he became the first cat to receive prosthetic limbs. During surgery holes were drilled into the remaining bone in which special implants were attached. Prosthesis are able to be attached. This was the same procedure as with Coal above, adapted for a double amputee cat.

Frankie the Walk N' Roll Dog

I ran across the blog of this amazing animal and she has become one of the reasons I am so passionate about putting the word about disabled animals.

On Easter Sunday 2006 Frankie ruptured a disk in her spine while staying at a kennel during a family vacation. The little dachshund had fallen and her back legs were not moving. She was rushed to the vet as her loving owner Barbara Techel rushed back across the country. Frankie underwent surgery to remove the ruptured disk. Initially daunted and discouraged, Barb and Frankie pushed through the challenges of early home care together, Frankie pushing on with the stubborn determination of a dachshund.

The greatest improvement made to her life was when they ordered a custom made cart for her back legs. The company Eddie's Wheels is a wonderful company that makes assistive devices for animals. Their ironic slogan "We Test Our Products On Animals" says says something about the humor and ingenuity they bring to their craft. While initially resistant to the new system Frankie quickly built up the strength and ingenuity to use the wheels full time.

Her owner and friend Barb has come out of this experience changed and inspired. She began to write about Frankie for various animal related periodicals telling of her transformational experience. After attending a writing seminar in the following March she was inspired to write a children's book about Frankie: Frankie the Walk N' Roll Dog

The book and its sequel Frankie the Rock and Roll Therapy Dog tells her story so that Children everywhere can benefit from her experience.

Frankie is still wheeling around, showing people everywhere that though her mode of locomotion may have changed, her joy for life hasn't altered a bit. She visits classrooms and other venues to teach people of all ages what it is possible to achieve. She is even now available to visit classrooms over Skype! We could all learn a lesson from Frankie and remember that no matter what life has thrown our way there's always something exciting waiting for us around the bend.

An amazing site, devoted to the adoption of dogs and cats with disabilities. The site focuses on dogs and cats that can't use their back leg and those that are in need of wheelchairs. Their is a fund to provide wheelchairs for animals whose owners can't afford the cost, the Duke and Misty Memorial Fund.

Duke was the first to be adopted by this wonderful pair of individuals. A Shepard mix with a spinal cord injury, he showed these dog lovers that special needs animals can wheel their way into your hearts.

The website has resources for adopting disabled animals and links to various websites for support for people who have pets with special needs. The best part is their mantra, which they have scattered throughout the website:
Because their spirits aren't broken. - Disabled Animal Adoption and Assistance

This is one website devoted to adoption and care of disabled animals. Though mostly small pets, the site offers everything from cats and dogs, to gerbils, to horses. All have various degrees of injury and you should only think about adoption if you can accommodate all their needs.

Rupert - Completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other

Diamond - blind

Elvis - 3 legged

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Newest Member of the Council: Memorial Day Frog

The council has made the decision to open open its doors to members all around the US and the globe. I hope to expand this so that we have members all across the globe.

Memorial Day Frog

Memorial Day Frog actually belongs to my cousin. When I was I visiting up in Pennsylvania I asked him if there was anyone he thought would be good for the council. He immediately rushed off and grabbed this little guy.
Most frogs are born with webbing between their toes. This guy was sadly born without any webbing. This makes him a slower swimmer than the rest of the frogs though he can still probably beat a human by a nose.
Memorial Day Frog is holiday planner for the council and local representative for the northeast United States. Remember disabilities aren't limited injured to humans or to one area of the country, or even this country!