Sunday, June 5, 2011

Newest Member of the Council: Memorial Day Frog

The council has made the decision to open open its doors to members all around the US and the globe. I hope to expand this so that we have members all across the globe.

Memorial Day Frog

Memorial Day Frog actually belongs to my cousin. When I was I visiting up in Pennsylvania I asked him if there was anyone he thought would be good for the council. He immediately rushed off and grabbed this little guy.
Most frogs are born with webbing between their toes. This guy was sadly born without any webbing. This makes him a slower swimmer than the rest of the frogs though he can still probably beat a human by a nose.
Memorial Day Frog is holiday planner for the council and local representative for the northeast United States. Remember disabilities aren't limited injured to humans or to one area of the country, or even this country!

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