Friday, December 16, 2011

Council's Newest Member: Jean-Paul the Bear

Jean-Paul the bear is the lawyer for the Council of Disabled Animal Friends, settling disability claims and any legal issues the Council may enoucounter. He was injured a few weeks ago when coming out of court. A former client, mad that he didn't receive enough money from his case (which he still ended up winning though) took a shot at him. Nicking the spinal cord, he suffers partial paralysis and will need to wear the neck brace while his spine heals. Though the injuries are severe it looks like he may not suffer any permanent damage. The former client on the other hand will not be so lucky. I will advise this: No matter how mad you are, DON'T MESS WITH A LAWYER!

Jean-Paul's home is in the office of my spinal surgeon. The Turtle Walks


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